Have you ever been a father?

TAGGED AS: You know why I’m dying;  you know why this kills me;  because there’s a sad remembrance sort of smile on his face;  it’s grim almost sardonic but almost fond;  Lecter’s life centers around self punishment;  Mischa is to him as Bruce Wayne’s parents are to him;  his creator and maker;  the paragon centerpiece of his damage;  and he’s twisted her into an unrecognizable figure;  the way Bruce has with his own dad and mom;  into punitive examples demanding a certain asset of him;  and here his heart is laid so bare;  and when he says her name I get chills;  he loved her so;  HE LOVED HER;  AND HE WAS A GREAT BIG BROTHER;  FUCK WILL GRAHAM AND WAHHHHH HIS ABIGAIL FEELINGS;  ABIGAIL WASN’T YOUR FUCKING SISTER;  YOU ACCIDENTALLY AUTO CANNIBALIZED;  AND THEN DEALT WITH THE FEELING YOU DAMNED HER;  BECAUSE YOU WERE SMALL AND WEAK AND A CHILD;  Hannibal’s feelings for Mischa twist my heart into unrecognizable shapes;  and he loves her shade so in death;  as much as he loved her self in life;


Hannibal & Will I It Won’t Ever Be The Same

Constellations burn

and comets chase eve’s wild tail-

daughter of night life

dawn grabs her warm glow

song birds sprinkle her with hymns-

daughter of new

day rubies in earth’s eyes

each treasured like night and day-

eclipse and rainbow

Mads Mikkelsen for Flaunt Magazine